Seeking evaluation and treatment by health care professionals specializing in young athletes is the first step to getting back to sports quickly and safely!


We are committed to returning young athletes to their desired activities as safely and quickly as possible by:


     *  Performing comprehensive movement examinations and treatment to correct joint mechanics  

     *  Closely supervising exercises and teaching kids proper movement patterns

     *  Providing fun, sport-specific exercises to keep kids engaged in their treatment

     *  Considering the psychosocial aspects of injuries and allowing the athlete to continue with their team when at all possible

     *  Communicating with parents, coaches, athletic trainers, and other health care professionals as desired by the family

     *  Educating the athlete and family on injury prevention

     *  Offering Pilates –based fitness classes to work on muscle imbalances common in young athletes that can lead to injury

                                Register for a Pilates class

 Our goal is not only to keep a young athlete competing, but also to remain injury free to stay active as an adult!footballstar


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